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Another Drabble Community...

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Welcome to Writing100; another livejournal drabble-writing community. This particular drabble comm has a much wider scope than most of the others I've seen on lj, which are usually focussed on one particular fandom or genre. Here you can submit fanfiction, original fiction, poetry... whatever you like to write, as long as it's in drabble form.

Every Saturday (because this was started on a Saturday), I'll post one or two prompts for the week, and you can then use them as inspiration for your drabbles. It would be nice if your drabbles are 100 words, but it won't be a big deal if they aren't. This is all in fun and creativity, after all.

If you write anything explicit or sensitive, however (NC-17, Cert 18, anything you wouldn't want your great-aunt Maud to read), please put it behind an lj-cut. That way no-one can be inadvertantly scandalized...