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'Eight-ball' drabble [Sep. 14th, 2003|04:36 pm]


[mood |creative]

"The Magic Eight-Ball Says..."
(Vampire: The Masquerade fiction, PG, 104 words)

"...'my sources say no'?" The Malkavian holding the child's toy hissed in anger and disappointment. Tossing it to the ground he stalked off, while others near him scrambled for the sphere so they could be next in line.

Rachel watched the scene sadly, as well as the cowering humans in the center of the room. It didn't seem fair to make them watch this as well as be eaten, she thought. Malkavian parties were just no fun when things like this happened.

A cheer went up as someone received a better answer from the ball. I should say something, Rachel thought, try to... Ooh, party poppers...